Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center presents the 2016, Quilt Exhibit

Quilter's Marathon - September 22
10am - 4:15pm 

Please call Kaitlyn at (616) 997-8555
to register your team to participate.  Four people
to a team.  Prizes for everyone, but winners receive
gift certificates to Field's Fabrics! 

Fun Day - no cost to participate - $8 for food for the day
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am - 4pm and for special events and groups with reservations
2016 Quilt Show Schedule of Events

August 1 - Quilter's Reception  (6pm-8pm)
August 6 - Demo/Vendor Day (10am-2pm)
August 13 - Del Shannon Days Free Admission/Car/Tractor Shows
Every Thursday - Crazy Ladies Quilting Circle 10am-12:30pm (doors open at 9:30am) 
September 22, Thursday  10am-4pm  Quilter's Marathon
October 1 - Last Hoorah!  Auction and pick up of Quilts (6pm-7pm & 7pm-8pm)
Director's Choice Exhibit for 2016:  Kaleidoscope
Quilts and Their Stories is the 15th annual quilt show at the Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center. Over 100 quilts are displayed throughout the 12,000 square foot facility.  Most are made by local quilters.  Some are historic, family treasures that haven't seen the light of day in years. This is a unique exhibit of quilts and a unique show that lasts more than just a is on display for two full months.  Never a crowd to work your way through and no high pressuring vendors.  Free gift to every visitor from our sponsors!  Be sure to come to Coopersville this year with your group, family, or friends to see the 15th Annual Exhibit of Quilts and Their Stories!
Quilt Show and DEMO DAY - August 6 from 10am-2pm at Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center
Here are just a few of the quilts in this year's exhibit: