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Soap Making with Happy Goat

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Coopersville Rocks!

Soap Making with Happy Goat: June 29 Summer Drinks Soap, July 27 shark Attack, August 31- Days of Summer - $5 each
Kids, Crafts, and Critters hosted last Saturday of every month at the Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center
Welcome, Charity Doornbos, owner of Happy Goat!  Charity offers an optional add-on activity to each of our Kids, Crafts, and Critters events for all of 2019.  For only $5, kids (and adults) may make their own Melt & Pour Soap. Sign up for 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, or noon.  email
Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center provides stones for decorating along with some supplies.  Say "Coopersville Rocks!" when you come in to get complimentary admission too.  Look around the museum for decorated rocks/stones.  Find them, hide them elsewhere for someone else to find!  Have fun!

Kids, Crafts, and Critters is held the last Saturday of every month from 10am - 1pm.  Please check for updated schedules by calling 997-8555. 


It is a youth lead and youth run project giving young people the opportunity to learn and grow as leaders. 


Kids, Crafts, and Critters may offer visitors to experience interaction with small and baby farm animals (animals are NOT guaranteed to be at every event), learn new crafts, use old fashioned tools, create, play, and have fun!  


The youth volunteers will teach you something new every Kid's Day!  Fun for everyone!

Miss Coopersville Representatives, KOHL's Associates In Action, and youth from Coopersville United Methodist Church have been very helpful over the years, along with 4H groups, scouts, and members of our community. 

Volunteerism ~ Helping your community

Please contact  Lee Ann if you'd like to bring in your animal for one of our Kid's Days.  What a great way to do some fun community service while interacting with friends and meeting new ones! 

email or call (616) 997-8555. 

Tayla Modderman explains that calves explore by licking things!