Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center

Jam Night at Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center
Musicians on the Coopersville and Marne Railway Excursions, 2018
Jam Night musicians; MaryLou Pals & Wes Glass (pictured below), Sue Kurtz, John Visser, David Wikstrom, Chris and Ruth Sorensen, Marty Alexander, Salle Julin, Kathy & Roger Billings, and Dale Evenhouse entertain passengers on the train all summer long!       
2015 Video Created by 2nd year DVP student, Tyler Kary  -  Baker College of Muskegon, Michigan

Kary Photography
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Acoustic Folk Music

Click on the video above to hear one of West Michigan Banjo Club members, Buzz Spears, playing a little tune at Jam Night!  Below, Thom Eno, accompanied by Wyatt and Shari Knapp, performs 'Love you so much it hurts me" on the saw. 

Above you will witness an impromtu performance with 3 unique instruments at Riverbend Gas & Steam Show, July, 2011, Allendale, Michigan;

The SAW, the QCHORD, and the DOBRO

What talented musicians are out there representing the Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center in the community!

Click on the link above to hear Thom, Carol, and Lloyd.  "Count your Wrinkles"

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